Oh, what a Mighty, Matchless God we serve! The best day lost cannot equal my worst day as God's Child....For what we suffer today cannot compare to the great life that awaits us up there! I am so glad God chose to draw you today; don't turn your back on Him! Answer Him while He may be found...God is Good!


El Shaddai, the God of “More than Enough”, wants to speak to you in His Word today.

My whole life has boiled down to this moment in time, as has yours; today is a new day and all my cliches cannot steal from your life the authenticity of God’s calling.

My journey with God through this life was always blessed, even when I was turning right instead of going straight, as He instructed me to go. for He is faithful and true; He is not surprised or discouraged by our mistakes and errors on the pathway. The Gentleman He is will let us go our own way, so that later our return to Him is genuine and complete, clinging to nothing that this world has to offer.

Each consequence of my decisions has made me take a long look at myself and accept that I needed to repent, trust God, and live in the way He had called me to do. His counsel is without compare, even the great Solomon could not lead as Jesus does each and every day in our Christian walk!

I attend Victory Fellowship Church, on Hwy 15, eleven miles north of Union, towards Philadelphia. Please come and find your home, a place where love abides and where Jesus and His perfect Spirit move freely! We are watching for you, and for the triumphant return of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ!

Proverbs 21:21–“He that followeth after righteousness and mercy findeth life, righteousness, and honor.

Let God shine His light into you soul today. He can make of you a New Creation, and save not only you but your whole family, as well. God bless you and please enjoy my blog.

Teresa E. Williams

DSC00762 (1)

taken outside “Church Arise” Tuesday, 8/11/2015



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